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Due October 20, 1999. Born October 23, 1999.

Birth Stuff: Linda's Labor

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Chrom-centration: Play with ThatKid's DNA. Separated Before Birth: Amazing coincidences from inside the womb.
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New! (21 Oct 01) ThatKid's had a second b-day party. He also went on another vacation a few months ago.

New! (12 Jun 01) ThatKid's friend BabyKelley has a neat site up. She was born in July.

New! (9 Jun 01) ThatKid's fourth haircut.

New! (3 Jun 01) Vacation photos from ThatKid's trip to Maui.

New! (30 Jan 01) ThatKid is Baby of the Week at

New! (20 Dec 00) Here are a few miscellaneous pix of ThatKid from 2000.

New! (23 Oct 00) ThatKid's first birthday party!

New! (22 Oct 00) Mom's birthday party last June.

New! (20 Oct 00) Havana's second birthday party .

New! (15 Oct 00) First shoes at McPhee's Junior Bootery.

New! (22 Sep 00) New pictures! First haircut and new cousin Evan.

New! (31 Dec 99) We had the GriffCam live on New Year's Eve for awhile.

New! (23 Dec 99) Now more than 40 people on the ThatKid's Friends pages.

New! (22 Dec 99) Pictures from ThatKid's First Thanksgiving.

New! (13 Nov 99) We've added lots of pictures from ThatKid's First Week.

New! (7 Nov 99) Virtual reality from the birth

New! (2 Nov 99) I guess it's time we formally announced the name.

New! (1 Nov 99) We're welcoming in November by posting a transcript of the birth. There are also addtional pictures.

New! (31 Oct 99) We spent a quiet Halloween night passing out candy at the door and... posting pictures from Linda's Labor. Also, two new pix: Yellow, Blue

New! (26 Oct 99) We're home from the hospital after 48 hours of recovery. Linda has her hands full with breastfeeding. Mike's trying to help out with the duties for which he is biologically equipped. We'll be posting pictures from the labor, birth, and recovery in the next few days. We're pretty busy becoming accustomed to this new life, but we're excited about sharing our experience with family, friends, and everyone else. For now: Linda in triage, Linda in labor. Thanks for all of your kind emails!

New! (23 Oct 99, 5:45 pm Pacific) That Kid is born after 40+ hours of labor! 8 lbs. 12 oz., 21 in. Details to come (after we get home from the hospital).

New! (22 Oct 99, 10:30 pm Pacific) See Last Month's Diary for details.

New! (22 Oct 99, 2:00 am Pacific) Labor seems to have started. But Linda is trying to get some sleep right now while contractions are mild. See Last Month's Diary for details.

New! (20 Oct 99, 5:00 pm Pacific) Just got back from the doctor. Linda is 1 cm dilated. It's not much, but at least things are moving the right direction. Just posted a bunch more comments on circumcision.

New! (20 Oct 99) The due date has arrived. But ThatKid is still in utero. No signs of labor yet (they say most first births are late). We'll keep you posted!

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