It was pretty much non-stop excitement before, during, and after ThatKid's birth. But Mike was still able to produce a few QuickTime VR panoramas. Creating a QuickTime VR panorama involves 1) shooting 360-degrees worth of photos with a camera, 2) "stitching" the photos together digitally to create a 360-degree panoramic image, and 3) using software to convert the panoramic image into a special QuickTime movie. The final movie lets the user pan around and zoom in and out of the image. (If you've never played with one, it's really cool!) To view the QuickTime VR panoramas, you'll need QuickTime installed on your computer. (We've also provided static versions of the panoramic images for people who don't want to deal with QuickTime.)

Delivery Room (429K): Shot aournd noon on the day ThatKid was born. Holly our doula is bedside with Linda. This is before the nurses moved all the special baby-birthing equipment in. Also: static version (118K)

Recovery Room (442K): This is where Linda and Mike spent their first 48 hours with ThatKid. Linda's in bed while Mike is lying on the naugahyde fold-out dad-chair. Also: static version (142K)

Living Room (436K): Here's Linda and Mike in their living room the night they brought ThatKid home. They're watching video shot earlier at the hospital. Also: static version (120K)

View more QuickTime VRs at That Guy's QTVR.

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