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Here's what voters are saying about circumcision:

My husband and I are expecting our first son on September 1999 and plan on having him circumcised.

He might want to be just like Daddy, and I'm still not convinced that it's completely safe to not do so (urinary tract infections can be rough for an infant).

This of course is if Daddy is. I would not want my son to look at his father's and wonder why he is different!

My boyfriend is not circumcised, nor is my brother. Would you circumcise your daughter? There is no reason to. And the sex is better.

I had my boy circumcised. It will only hurt the poor fella for a little while, but not having him circumcised will hurt him a lifetime because of all the teasing. My girlfriend's husband isn't and she makes fun of it and calls it a mushroom for heavens sake! Think of what the kids in the locker room would say. He would be emotionally scarred and would probably resent you for it later. Think of him having to do it when he's 30! Plus it's cleaner that way.

If he is not circumcised he is at higher risk for infection and also think about when he is older... embarrassing.

Just went through the agony of deciding ourselves and were helped by reading tons of stuff on the web. Bottom line for us, it's not nearly as terrible a thing to do as some folks think, but it's still bad enough that there's no strong enough reason to do so.

I think the boy should be circumcised because it's more sanitary for the boy. My parenting class in High School did a study on circumcision with pros and cons. I feel if you research the doctor performing the procedure you will feel more comfortable about any accidents that may occur. Plus his unit will look incredibly ugly if he doesn't. Kind of like an hideous elephant trunk.

Why subject the kid to this crude practice. Let the kid decides later in his life whether he wants this procedure or not.

Isn't it sac religious not to? I think I just would anyway, I've been with one guy who wasn't and I remember thinking how dirty it was.

Now they have pain killers for the little one if you are concerned about that but in the long run it will save the boy infections and embarassment when he sees that his is different than most of the other boys.

Not necessary. We did not have my son circumcised when he was born. Why start life with pain?

I date a man who is uncircumcised, it does cause some problems sexually. I know that the last thing you are thinking about now is your child's sexuality, but do him a favor for when he is a man. There is pain sometimes for uncircumsized men during sex -- pulling on the skin, etc. Also, I don't know how well founded these claims are, but the possibility of dirt getting under that skin and causing infections seems like it is possible.

I'm saying yes only if it's done right away. A college friend, Neil had the procedure done when he was three years old. He remembers it all! Apparently it was quite painful and scary.

I can't think of any good reason to do it. It's irreversible. If he'd want it snipped later in life, it can be done then.

Why would you cause such pain to an innocent baby if it makes no difference to the baby's health? Circumsision has nothing to do with causing cancer or other diseases, so there's no point in doing that to a baby.

My baby boy is due October 13, 1999. I debated about whether or not it is necessary to have him circumcised, and decided the health pros outweigh the cons in having him circumcised.

You don't want your kid to be self-conscious in a locker room. Growing up is hard enough.

I had my son (10 yrs old) circumcised. My husband was NOT circumcised and ended up having problems and having to have it done as an adult because he hadn't had it done as an infant. It was much worse for him than if it had been done when he was a baby. I'd recommend circumcision to everyone.

Tough question. I have heard all the horror stories of how the cutting is done and my main complaint is that I was never consulted but I have finally decided to circumcise my son when he arrives(12/24/99) for one reason only: what happens if we don't circumcise him and he sees daddy is different than he is and he takes scissors to his tally-whacker so he can be just like dad?

Unless something is unhealthy, I think things should be left in their natural state. Plus I suppose it is traumatic to a newborn to be circumcised. I also enjoyed the anatomical features of a past non-circumcised boyfriend.

Mine was done by my future wifes grandfather when I was 8 days old.

All men should be circumcised at birth. There is no sight more beautiful that the permanently exposed glans, looking up at you, so helpless, vulnerable, and totally exposed.

I had my firstborn son last Feb. 1999 and I decided it was best to circumcise. Believe it or not, however bad the practice may seem, your baby will not remember. It's also best for his genitals as it helps minimize infections.

I feel it is such a regular occurance in America, but only should be done for medical or religious reasons. My son is 2 years and will need a circumcision when he is four for medical reasons. Sometimes I think maybe I should have had it done when he was born as his father had the same problem as he did (opening in the foreskin too tight). But I do think that the foreskin is there to keep the penis protected. My husband is circumcised and has no problems with it, but also agrees with me that it should be something you do only if there is a medical or religious reason (that skin must be there for a reason!).

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