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Here's what voters are saying about circumcision:

I would enjoy sex more had I been circumcised. I made sure that my son and my three grandsons were circumcised.

Circumcision is becoming less and less common thankfully. My sons will never be 'done'!! Once they're 18 fine if they want it but I doubt they will.

I think that circumcision is unnecessary mutilation of a baby. It cuts off a very sensitive part of his little body. Look at some sites about circumcision expecially the ones with videos. (Very sad and scary.)

I do not agree with many of the so-called "experts" that this is a devasting procedure to baby boys and has long-standing adverse effects on males. If anything, it would be much more painful, etc. to be circumcised years later after birth. This aids in the better hygiene of baby boys and adolescents to men, etc. I have no regrets whatsoever that my husband and myself chose to have our son circumcised. Best wishes.

Hate to say it, but a circumcised penis just, well, looks better. and then there's hygiene....don't believe the crap about causing trauma, just get it done, he'll thank you for it later.

I believe that it is a like father like son issue.

If I have a boy I will not have him circumcised. There is no medical reason why he should be. Hygeine is not a problem if it is taught properly. My husband is not circumcised. I dont find it dirty or funny looking. That is immature. He never had anyone taunt him growing up. They say that it doesnt hurt when its done before a certain age but some disagree the baby's disposition has been known to change. I would research as much about it as you can.

This description may be a little graphic for some, but these are reasons to have your child circumcised. I am in my 50's and not circumcised. First, whenever you are nude in a group of boys,school sports etc., you will be teased. Also as a teenager it is common to get a spontaneous erection and if you are the least bit sexually aroused, your penis will leak sexual fluid. This becomes trapped under the foreskin when the penis becomes flacid and if you are unable to clean it, it will develop an odor in a few hours. Also, after a spontaneous erection, pubic hair gets caught between the foreskin and the glans, and since your glans are so sensitive, it is sometimes painful. As as adult, again the glans are so sensitive that prolonged intercourse is almost impossible. The pleasure is so great that ejaculation occurs in a short period of time. As a young man, this didn't phase me, but as a mature adult, I truly wish I could sustain intercourse longer, not for my pleasure, but my wife's. I suspect that a circumcised penis is much less sensitive and this would be possible. Although some men who are circumcised complain that their penises are less sensitive, I have never heard one say that they don't derive pleasure from sex. Lastly, using a condom is a trial. During the inward thrust, there is no problem, but when you withdraw you penis from the vagina, unless your erection is absolutely rock hard, your foreskin will have a tendency to pull the condom up off your penis from the bottom to the top with each thrust. If you are not careful, it will come off altogether. For these reasons, circumcise you baby boys.

For health reasons. I have a girlfriend who decided to leave so uncircumsised and he got a horrible foreskin infection when he was three that was terribly painful and no doubt embarrasing for him, even at three years of age. No child should have to go through that!

I am expecting my first and my doctor gave me advise that she would have the baby circumcised if the father was as well. If the father isn't then she wouldn't. If we have a boy we are going to get him circumcised.

No medical reason why it is necessary now and it is a painful, cruel procedure.

My husband and I are expection our first October 13. We don't know what the sex is yet but we have decided against circumcision if the baby's a boy. Everything we have read and learned just doesn't convince us that this is necessary. We don't want the baby's first memories to be of anyone hurting him.

I've done quite a bit of research on this subject and don't think the few relatively minor benefits to circumcision can justify removing a natural, normal peice of skin.

Although I was a bit unnerved by viewing my first uncircumcised penis, there is no way I would circumcise my little guy - I would let him choose when he got older. But my husband says he'd probably do the snip - his words "have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis?" probably puts it into perspective.

Wait untill he is old enough to decide for himself.

Although the foreskin is not used for anything, neither are our earlobes, and we do not cut them off, so why should people cut off foreskin? Of course, it does no harm either. So, it's your call.

Had it done as an adult. Only regret it wasn't sooner.

Our son isn't done and my husband is, and I really don't see the big deal about it. It seems people that have their sons done like to make up all of these horrible stories to make others sway to their opinion. A lot of boys aren't done now, so i'm definately not worried about him being laughed at. As well, when I meet a man, I sure don't stop and wonder, "Gee, is he circumcised?" You teach your son how to keep himself clean, bottom line.

I feel that the child should be the same as his father, unless the couples religious beliefs have changed dramatically from the fathers time of birth.

Without question, circumcision is the way to go. The penis is easier to clean, and my baby would thank me when he is grown up.

I would never deliberately put my child through that pain. Remembered or not. I would however, circumcise my son if the doctor used an anesthesia and reassured me that my baby could not feel the pain. I'm not convinced that doctors can predict that. Also, the health concerns are debatable compared to other countries. What is the real reason we tourture our male babies? So they can look like daddy? Not if I'm the mommy.

I buy the "it's nice to look like your daddy" theory. I'm pretty sure they forget. And do men reeally need to be MORE sensative down there? Who could they have sex with sucessfully after they pass through the... fertile teen years?

My son is almost two and we had him circumcised at birth. Cleanliness and appearance were big factors. A friend's little boy kept getting bacterial infections under his foreskin.

I have a son aged 10 whose foreskin is tighter than I or he would like! I have to nag him to clean underneath it often, he doesn't like to. We now have to face the same decision. I also have a man who is not circumcised and sex can be somewhat uncomfortable. I also worry about infection, both for him and me. I read somewhere that there is a slight increased risk of cervical cancer for women whose chaps have not been 'done'. Having said that I do not think the decision should be taken 'willy nilly' so to speak. My partner have talked about it a lot, usually at the instigation of myself, and he's not having any of it. Health risks to himself or me or not.

I am a first time mother to be (2/8/00) my boyfriend and I have discussed this in length and both decided to go with circumcision. We feel that this will be the healthiest decision for our son (if we have a boy that is).

I only say snip because males that are uncircumcised tend to help pass yeast infections back and forth between partners!

A recent health report issued last week from europe indicates that circumcised boys are much less susceptible to infection and some other ailments. Besides, I think they are much cleaner, sexier...

Why mess w/ nature?

If you were having a daughter, would you cut part of her body off, just because that's what society does? Besides, isn't being born tramatic enough for a baby without hurting it more? I should mention, I did not circumsize my son (his father is circumsized).

There isn't a medical reason and frankly the kid might hate you some day for cutting off part of the anatomy he was born with for a reason.

Only USA does this with any frequency.

I am happy to have been circumcised. It is more hygienic and looks neater and I HOPE it makes me last longer and give more pleasure. But the real test is do ladies who have extensive experience of both patterns prefer the shorn or the unshorn variety?

Amazed by the strong pro-messages on your web site: here in Europe much less common and seen generally as unnecessary infliction of pain: babies feel pain and why make the first few days of their lives so miserable. As for the comments about how an uncircumcised penis looks...were these comments gender or race related they would rightly seen for the unpleasant biased comments they are.

Since I am a medical student, I just look at it from a medical point of view. And would have to say that it is much healthier.

Don't mess with mother nature! She does know best after all.

Better to have it done now, than to wait a few years and discover that it has to be done anyway. For example, if the foreskin is too tight.

I am a Lutheran, uncircumcision is considered a "Jewish" thing. My baby is going to be circumscised (due 12-17-99).

Wasn't circumcised at birth. Didn't NEED to be circumcised. But there's no doubt that from an early age I wanted to be circumcised. I had to wait until I was 19 to get the job done. Wouldn't want to put a kid through that kind of wait. A foreskin does nothing to the appearance of the penis; it's kind of like a permanent hood. I like seeing people's faces!

The problems that can arise from improper cleaning (especially for babies and young boys) make this a decision that, although difficult, should be YES!

if I were married, I'd probably go with my husband's preferences, but I'm not, and I have no idea about any potential equpiment problems associated with uncircumsized.

My son is uncircumsized, and it takes extra effort to clean the covered penis head. Also, if you (Mike, the father), are circumcised, he'll ask why his penis is different. My son, now 4, continues to put all kinds of things into his foreskin (coins, for example), which I presume would not happen if he were circumsized. I'm coming to the conclusion that the supposed benefits of not circumsizing are probably not worth it, at least yet.

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