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Here's what voters are saying about circumcision:

No way. A nasty, unneeded way for a baby boy to start out.

I am also having a boy in November. As of right now, he will be circumcised.

There is no excuse for this genital mutilation.

I would because of husband's preference primarily.

Always wished I had some place to put my gum when I go swimming.

Actually, it should depend on whether or not Daddy is "clipped." Your son will probaly want to look like him; that will be the first "pee-wee" he sees (we hope).

Mine is strictly an asthetic point - circumcised penises LOOK better!

I babysit and one of the little boys I keep is uncircumcised and he is always getting infections he also notices the differance between himself and the other boys!

God doesn't make mistakes. Keep it the way it is. IMHO.

Well, we're due in October also, and don't know the sex--but have decided to circumcize, if it's a boy, at 8 days, with local anesthesia and a penile block for pain afterwards--later due to religion for dh, for me medical reasons--you don't dock puppies' tails until 3-5 days because they're not strong enough at birth--what's the difference? (I also don't believe in vaccinations at birth like Hep B, and hello, the 'establishment' announced last month that they don't either anymore--too many problems!) Anyway, I did a lot of web research, etc., and decided that even though some few men are angry at being 'deprived' of their foreskins (if you've been to the sites, etc., of men who are 'regrowing' theirs, you get paranoid about doing that to your boy for a day or two, but then you wonder how stable they are...), for my son's future health (even though the AAP or whatever takes an equivocal stance currently), sexuality (weird thinking of that), etc., I think circumcision is beneficial (to be graphic, would you give oral sex to an uncut man (and if your dh is not, sorry, but I personally don't think I would!)?). My dh (circ) also wants him to 'match', but a lot of people are not doing it now, so I don't think peer pressure is a big deal anymore (I know people on a second marriage who are not doing a second son, etc.). And I make the medical decisions, so if I decided to not do it, he would go along with my decision (reluctantly). So anyway, yes, we will if ours is a boy, and that's why...and I'll tell you, finding someone to do the 8-day thing (we're not Jewish) is really hard!!! But I refuse to have that done at birth...give the boy a few days!!! So, are you just looking for opinions here (I hope you're not going to decide based on the votes alone!)?

If you wouldn't mutilate your daughter, don't mutilate yor son.

The bible talks of circumcision and also I know men who were not circumcised at birth and later had to be for medical reasons.

I'm voting yes. We had our son circumcised so that he would look like his Daddy! Perhaps not the best reason, but the decision has not seemed to hurt him so far, and he's now 15.

Circumcision is a thoughtless and bizarre custom which should be outlawed.

It is cleaner and more the "norm." Could you imagine being a boy in a locker room and being uncircumcized? I can't imagine the ridicule they would face. Just a thought... I am really enjoying watching the updates... thanks!

When the kid is showering in phys. ed. he will be embarrassed because everyone is circumcised.

If it was not meant to be there, your kid would not have been born with it in the first place!

Aside from religious reasons, I have heard many tales of infection and problems with uncircumcized men. Just one less thing for him to worry about at a later age.

If it isn't necessary, why put the baby through the trauma and pain. I've never had any problem either physically or sexually.

Its a violation of his right to his body, and is also extremely painful during the act itself and extremely irritating. Its better to leave the decision up to the person that it will affect, your son, not you!

If it isn't broke, don't fix it. God gave men foreskins for a reason, American women just need to clue into that fact.

I have felt a little uncomfortable when I have had sexual encounters with uncir. men. I know it was just the unfamiliarity of it. It just seems cleaner - okay, I'm weird. As a Mom I would hate to clean a kid with a foreskin.

As a female i must vote circumcised. i've never come face to face w/an uncircumcised penis but i would probibly recoil in shock. also i have a friend who was not circumcised he got teased about it and ended up having the surgery at 20. Ouch!

Goodness me...are these myths still holding ground? If we weren't meant to have one it wouldn't be there. Cleaning under the foreskin is just simply a matter of daily personal hygiene and no big deal. Every person can get UTI's...leave the poor babies alone...If you wouldn't perform the procedure on an adult without aenesthetic then why do it on a baby? Just because he won't remember it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like hell. The forskin is still attached to the head until the kid is about 3 years old, so you are removing attached skin. Everybody, please read some more articles...there is no need to perpetuate this crazy and outdated practice.

If it's done as a baby, he won't remember it later in life.

My husband is circumsised and I believe it is important that the child feels "normal" as he would probably compare himself to daddy.

Allegedly, uncircumsized males have a higher incidence of genital cancer. It is allegedly more healthy for males to be circumcised.

It is healthy, and less painful for the child to have it done now. I don't think he is going to want it done in the years when he is able to make the decision on his own. Would you? It would be a very uncomfortable operation. Good luck with the birth.

I have worked in the health care field and old men tend to get lots of problems because it gets harder to clean. And what male is going to want to have that done when he is old enough to make that choice.

My husband is not circumsised and he has said how he was very embarrassed as a kid.

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